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Cervia and …

Things to see in Cervia and the surroundings


Here is a short list of the most important attractions:

Terme di Cervia: a beautiful and modern spa, offering a wide range of health and beauty treatments thanks to the salt bromine iodine thermal water, with its extremely beneficial and healing properties. The spa of Cervia operates under the National Health Convention Centre!

Cervia Salt Pan: this immense site from which we get the White Gold of Cervia, has always been a key element of human life and all living beings.The salt pan in addition to modern industrial mining areas still keeps the Camillone Salt Pan alive where salt is extracted using ancient methods and tools.

The Salt Museum of Cervia is interesting to know and understand not only the extraction methods according to the ancient traditions of Cervia, but also the soul of a city and its inhabitants.

Cervia Natural Park: a large nature reserve where flora and fauna are adapted to particular conditions and extreme life in which rare protected species live.

Butterfly House: a large greenhouse which reproduces the climate and vegetation of the great rainforests where hundreds of colourful butterflies fly freely. Vegetation such as trees, shrubs and tropical flowers can be found here. There is also a pavilion dedicated to insects.

Adriatic Golf Club Cervia: Three 9 hole courses totalling, in the midst of a breathtaking landscape. There is also an elegant and exclusive club house with a restaurant, a specialised shop and changing rooms for its members.

Cervia Adventure Park: For those who love fun and adventure. 5 trails, which are suitable for all ages and different experience levels which wind through the pines with ropes, pulleys and bridges. Minimum height of 1,40 cm.

Churches and Sanctuaries: Church of St. Andrew the Apostle, Cervia Cathedral, St. Mary’s Church of the Intercession, St. Anthony of Padua Church, Church of Our Lady of the Snows … Not forgetting the Oratory of San Lorenzo, the Shrine of Our Lady of the Angels and Sanctuary of the Madonna del Pino just a few kilometres from Cervia (… less than 10 km.)

Squares, Ports and Historic Streets: Piazza Pisacane is located in the old town of Cervia also known as Piazza delle Erbe.

Piazza Garibaldi where you will find the Town Hall and Cathedral.

Piazzale Salinari, a large square on which it overlooks the Salt Warehouse (dock) of 1712.

Via Nazario Sauro which actually links the old town with the canal harbour.

The seventeenth-century Via XX Settembre, the ancient Sea port in the old town and Piazza Andrea Costa.

Fountains, Bridges, Towers and Bell Towers: The suspended Fountain Carpet designed by noted and appreciated poet Tonino Guerra.

Angelika, the fountain of love, the Bridge of the Paddles, the fountain in Piazza Garibaldi, the picturesque Portocanale, the Lighthouse and St. Michael’s Tower.

Memorials: several headstones dedicated to fallen heroes, a plaque dedicated to Dante Alighieri, Grazia Deledda and many others.

Villas, Theatres and Farmhouses: Teatro Comunale di Cervia (communal theatre) built at the turn of the nineteenth century, Villa Grazia Deledda, Villa Joseph Palanti, Casa Delle Aie, over 30 Rural Houses and the imposing Villa Ragazzena Castiglione.

Artwork: There are many monuments including Il Monumento a Grazia Deledda, Pietra delle Misure, Tavola della Beata Chiara in Rimini, Tavola della Madonna della Neve di B Longhi, Crocefisso ligneo (wooden crucifix) della Chiesa del Suffragio, the statues of Madonna del Mare, La modella di Brückner and many more.


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